Role of Emotional Intelligence in Worklife Success

Role of Emotional Intelligence in Worklife Success

Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient or EQ, as it is widely known as, is nothing but an awareness about recurring patterns of emotions and feelings that an individual has.

Now we all know what impact emotions can have on our decision making or on our way of working. We need not go far on this, just think if you have an argument at home in the morning and you come to office, then how do you deal with your colleagues and reportees.

Do they get to see the same sweet professional demeanor as you would normally have? Well that is possible only if we were robots — totally transactional in our input — output. But for all humans, Emotions eat Rationality for breakfast!

There are 2 ways in which an individual can lead a work life. First is in an auto mode — flowing with the emotions and reacting to the feeling that we generate inside us. Second is to be aware of these emotions and what triggers them. Being aware of it allows an individual to come out of auto mode and be able to respond instead of react to them in an auto mode.

Being able to respond and not react out of emotion is what helps an individual to be successful and not a failure at the workplace. For example, a person with a good understanding of one’s EQ will understand what is making them feel good or bad, how to channelise this emotional energy while interacting with other colleagues and understanding which emotional attribute is going to impact others in what way.

I differ in my opinion about how to leverage EQ for workplace success from the experts in this field as I find their viewpoint myopic. The experts generally stress on improving the Eq by working on different aspects of it. My own experience of working with people have shown that this though theoretically doable but practically is a very tough and slow process.

We have come to the conclusion that there is no need to drastically change one’s EQ. What we really need to do is be aware of the different aspects of our Emotional Quotient and understand how it impacts our life. This knowledge itself is very powerful and can lead to enhance the EQ as a natural outcome.

It is important to take the first step towards self-discovery and understand our emotions using EQ assessment.

The article is originally written by Vinaya Bansal — Workplace Behavioral Expert

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